Traveling Blocks

Robust API Traveling Blocks

Highdrilling traveling blocks are specially developed for harsh drilling applications.
Designed in accordance to API Spec 8C and equipped with heavy-duty sheaves and bearings, these blocks are characterized by reliable operation under highest loads.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 8C
Maximum hook loads 900 kN-6,750 kN (202,328 lbs-1,488,400 lbs)
Number of sheaves 4-8
Wireline Ø 26 mm-42 mm (1"- 1 5/8″)

Reliability by Design

Highdrilling traveling blocks are the preferred choice for most of our drilling rigs, including fast-moving rigs, and truck-mounted rigs (mobile drilling and service rigs) due to their rigid design and durability.

Straightforward maintenance is another benefit of our traveling blocks: Each part is easy accessible, and both sheaves and bearings can be interchanged freely with those from Highdrilling crown blocks.

Constant evaluation of customer feedback and field data has made it possible to improve the design of our traveling blocks even further.

Traveling Block Design Benefits

  • Designed to API Spec 8C
  • Each sheave machined from a integral steel alloy cast for enhanced strength.
  • Clevis forged from one piece steel alloy body
  • Individual lubrication passage to each bearing for easy maintenance
  • Induction hardened sheave grooves provide superior wear resistance
  • Sheaves and bearings interchangeable with those of Highdrilling crown blocks.

Highdrilling traveling blocks and hooks are also available as hook block combinations. These are shorter in size and therefore an ideal option where mast space is limited.