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Drilling Experience that Shows

Our drilling and engineering crews from China consist of highly skilled drilling engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, cementing, and geological experts.

Regardless of the kind of well you need to be drilled, our drill services cover all stages from rig up until production of the well. With years of training in the field, our specialists are especially experienced in controlling harsh drilling conditions in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive wells.

Scope of Drilling Services

  • Displacement wells
  • Horizontal wells
  • Cluster wells
  • Multilateral wells
  • High pressure wells
  • High H2S wells
  • Low and ultra-low permeability wells

Additional Drilling Services

Besides standard drilling services, we also offer other well services aimed at solving specific problems. These services include:

Top Drive Services

We provide on-site services & repair for Varco, Canrig, Tesco, BPM, MH, and Bomco top drives. Our engineers are certified by the respective top drive manufacturers and exceptionally skilled due to their long-term work on international oil fields.

For much more detailed information, please visit our page on top drive services.

Drilling Fluid Services

Excellent skills in dealing with lost-circulation problems make our drill fluid teams especially valuable when drilling through difficult formations. Our teams have profound experience with the following:

Drilling fluids:

  • Saturated salt-water drilling fluid
  • High-density drilling fluid
  • Soilless, phase composite salt drilling fluid
  • Spray/foam drilling fluid
  • Potassium, calcium salt anti-collapse drilling fluid
  • O/W and W/O drilling fluid
  • Oil-based drilling fluid

Plugging Technologies:

  • High-loss plugging technology
  • MTC plugging technology
  • Urea-formaldehyde plugging technology
  • Gel plugging technology
  • Chemical plugging technology

Comprehensive Logging

Equipped with several sets of geological logging and CMS logging equipment, our mud logging teams reliably document geological characteristics and identify oil and gas formations.

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We are an agile company that can accommodate unique and small volume projects, and have an entire team of engineers that will work side-by-side with you to meet your exact requirements. Challenge us. We’re here to help

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