Top Drive Services

Top Drive Services
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All Benefits Without The Risks

Top drives increase drilling speed and safety, but their advanced design makes them more vulnerable to disruption and increases the technical requirements for repair and maintenance.

Top drive failure is a worst case scenario that can cost millions in lost revenue.

Our certified top drive engineers make sure you can enjoy all the advantages of a top drive without the associated risk of unexpected downtime.

Same Expertise, Lower Costs

Each of our top drive engineers has been trained and certified at top drive manufactures’ facilities, such as Varco and TESCO. Combined with years of experience in the field, our Chinese top drive engineers are on par with their colleagues from established service providers.

Moreover, due to costs advantages of China-based specialists, we are able to provide our top drive services at a considerably lower price.

All Top Drive Brands Covered

We pride ourselves in being able to provide maintenance and repair services not only for well-known top drive brands like VARCO, Canrig, TESCO, and MH, but also to cover all major top drives made in China by Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory (BMP), Baoji Oilfield Machinery (BOMCO), and Tianyi.

Top Drives We Serviced

Some of the top drives our experts have serviced, both onshore and offshore, are shown here. If you need assistance with a different brand or model, just let us know.

  • Canrig 1035 AC
  • Canrig 1050 E
  • Canrig 1250 AC
  • Canrig 1275AC
  • Canrig 4017AC
  • Canrig 6027E
  • Canrig 8050AC
  • MH (Aker Solutions) PTD 500 AC
  • TESCO 250 HMI 475
  • TESCO TD-500HS
  • TESCOECI 900
  • Varco TDS-4S
  • Varco TDS-8SA
  • Varco TDS-9S
  • Varco TDS-11SA

Complete Range of Services

We provide top drive field services worldwide, onshore and offshore, and operate several repair facilities and spare parts distribution centers in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

No matter which service you require for your top drive, we have it all covered:

  • Top drive installation, disassembly, and transportation
  • Top drive inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and major overhaul
  • Day-to-day maintenance and monitoring
  • On-site training in top drive installation and operation
  • Spare parts supply (as part of a repair contract)

How We Work

We aim to provide the best top drive services possible. In order to give you a better impression of what we can do for you, we would like to introduce our main services in more detail:

Long Term Onsite Top Drive Maintenance

Our top drive specialist stays on location 24/7 to supervise the installation and disassembly of top drives, monitor performance, conduct daily maintenance and immediately deal with any problems related to the top drive, whether day or night.

The main advantages of choosing our top drive supervision and maintenance services are that

  • One engineer can maintain several top drives, thus further reducing service costs.
  • You don’t need to provide your own personnel for top drive maintenance anymore. Instead, our engineer will take care of your top drives around the clock and at a lower day rate.
  • As your top drives are kept properly maintained, and any problems are dealt with promptly, the risks of financial losses due to rig downtime are greatly reduced.

Onsite Training

We provide on-the-job training for your drilling crew on all top drives, whether brand new or second hand. In case of a new top drive, our onsite training normally starts after the original manufacturer has finished commissioning of the top drive. In case of a second hand top drive, training can include installation and commissioning upon request.

Top Drive Troubleshooting & Repair

When a top drive fails during operation, time is of the essence. After locating the problem onsite, we will immediately troubleshoot, repair and thoroughly test your top drive.

For top drives that are not currently in operation, it is often advisable to combine the repair with a partial or major overhaul. The overhaul minimizes future failures by making sure that every part is in good condition.

Top Drive Overhaul & Refurbishment

A professionally conducted top drive overhaul can greatly increase the service life of your top drive. This is especially true for top drives that have been operated under harsh climate conditions or that received «quick and dirty» emergency repairs in the past.

As part of an overhaul or top drive refurbishment we will send you a brief questionnaire to gather some upfront information about the condition and repair history of the top drive.

Our engineers will then thoroughly inspect your top drive onsite and collect a list of all parts needed to be replaced. Spare parts will either be delivered from one of our warehouses or ordered directly from the original manufacturer if not in stock.

Our engineers will then return on location to conduct the overhaul and final testing of your top drive.

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