Reliable API Mud Pumps

Highdrilling triplex mud pumps are resilient workhorses in an environment where failure is not an option. Rugged to the core and easy to maintain, their reliable operation saves costs by minimizing non-productive time. Rated from 500 to 2200 BHP, we offer mud pumps for any drilling application, onshore and offshore.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 7K
Rated power 500 hp-2200 hp (373 kW-1 641 kW)
Max displacement 35.67 L/s-77.65 L/s (565 gpm-1231 gpm)
Max. Pressure 34.5 MPa-52 MPa (5000 psi-7500 psi)
Stroke length 7 1/2"- 14" (190 mm - 355.6 mm)

Reliable & Cost Effective Mud Pumps

Highdrilling mud pumps provide comparable performance to well-known brands at a much lower costs.

For this reason the solids control and mud circulation system of our drilling rigs and fast relocation rigs is driven by Highdrilling triplex pumps, thus combining highest reliability with cost-effectiveness.

Field-Tested Performance

The large number of deployments makes it possible to gather valuable information we use to constantly improve the performance of our triplex pumps.

The service life of a mud pump is mainly determined by its weakest part. That’s why we went to great length to ensure the quality of each component.

Design Features

  • Manufactured strictly to API 7K requirements
  • Longer stroke at lower speed reduces wear on the fluid end
  • Cast steel crankshaft for added strength
  • Forged and heat treated steel alloy Herringbone gears increase rigidity
  • Frictionless roller bearing construction for extended service life
  • Interchangeable suction and discharge valves for easy maintenance