Masts & Derricks

Strong API Masts & Derricks

The high quality of Highdrilling cantilever, tower, and telescopic masts is the result of years of experience in the construction of drilling rigs. Manufactured strictly to the latest edition of API Spec 4F and based on an extra rigid design, Highdrilling masts are suitable for even the harshest drilling environments.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 4F
Types K-type, tower, telescopic
Height 31 m-46 m (101 ft-150 ft)
Maximum static load 600 kN-5,850 kN (134,885 lbs - 1,315,132 lbs)

A Special Mast For Every Drilling Rig

Land rigs, mobile rigs, and offshore rigs generally require different types of masts. We manufacture all major types to API 4F and always match them with the most suitable substructure [link].

The following describes the benefits and limitations of our most common masts and derricks:

Cantilever Mast

The cantilever mast , also called k-type mast, is a robust construction that does not need to be supported by guylines. Assembled on the ground, the mast is raised as a single unit using the power of the drawworks. Its stability and fast installation makes the cantilever type mast the preferred choice for our land drilling rigs, including fast moving rigs.

Telescope Mast

A telescope mast is comprised of several sections that can be extended and retracted. During rig up, each section is extended one by one by means of hydraulic cylinders and secured with guylines.

Due to its compact design, the telescope mast is typically used on a truck-mounted drilling rig, or well-servicing rig, mounted onto the carrier.


The tower type mast or derrick is a very robust construction that provides ample room for the derrickman. However, the piece-by-piece installation is inconvenient and dangerous, as it involves assembly operations high above the ground.

This is why the derrick nowadays is only used on offshore drilling platforms.