Heavy Duty API Hooks

We offer a complete line of drilling hooks, strictly manufactured to API Spec 8C.
Featuring a hydraulic snubber, extra long spring travel, rotation and positioner lock, we were able to combine safety with ease of use.
With a load capacity of up 750 tons, Highdrilling hooks are an ideal choice for heavy-duty drilling operations.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 8C
Maximum hook loads 900 kN-6,750 kN (202,328 lbs-1,488,400 lbs)
Hook openings 155 mm-238 mm (6 1/16"-9 3/8″)
Spring travel 180 mm-200 mm (7"-8″)

API And Beyond

Highdrilling hooks strictly conform to API Spec 8C and carry the API monogram. Being part of the hoisting system on our land rigs and truck-mounted drilling rigs, and service rigs they have been proven their reliability on oilfields worldwide.

Several features make Highdrilling rotary hooks especially easy to operate while at the same time providing maximum safety.

Highdrilling Hook Design Features

Hydraulic snubber: Located inside the hook. The snubber acts as a shock absorber preventing drill pipe bounce and pipe joint damage during breakout.
Rotation lock: Engaged from the drill floor through a special rod, the rotation hook allows the hook to be either locked in any of eight positions or rotate freely.

Automatic hook positioner: When tripping pipe, the hook positioner automatically rotates the elevator into correct position for the derrickman. It also prevents damage of the drill string and hole by allowing the drill string to rotate freely during hoisting.

Large spring travel: Highdrilling hooks have a large spring travel of up to 8″ depending on the size of the hook. The major advantage of a long spring travel is that it reduces wear on the pipe threads and hoisting assembly during break out and break up.

Highdrilling hooks and traveling blocks are also available as hook block combinations. These are shorter in size and therefore an ideal option where mast space is limited.