Powerful API Drawworks

Engineered for maximum durability, Highdrilling AC and DC drawworks are built to hoist massive loads over many years. All models are manufactured strictly to API 7K and constantly optimized as a result of customer feedback. With a complete line of chain and gear driven drawworks, we offer an ideal hoisting system for every rig.

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Drawworks You Can Count On

Highdrilling drawworks have been field-tested for many years on all of our land rigs, desert rigs, and ruck-mounted rigs. Based on valuable customer feedback we have been able to improve the quality of our hoisting systems beyond API requirements.

Strong Brakes

The performance and safety of any drawworks crucially depends on the quality of its brakes. This is why the braking system of Highdrilling drawworks is composed of the following:
  • Main brake: High quality hydraulic disk brake
  • Auxiliary brake: Powerful eddy current brake, such as the Eaton Airflex [link]

In addition, both the brake drum and disk undergo medium-frequency induction hardening for increased strength and an extended service life.

Design Advantages

  • Manufactured strictly to API Spec 7K.
  • Reinforced chains, lubricated by forced lubrication for dependable service.
  • Full roller bearing design reduces wear.
  • Shafts made from hardened steel alloy for added strength.
  • Medium frequency induction hardened sprockets for maximum durability.

Main Specifications & Range

We divide our drawworks into two classes, workover and drilling, which each type having its own range of specifications:

Workover Drawworks

  • Standard: API Spec 7K
  • Rated power: 250 hp-1,000 hp (180 kW-735 kW)
  • Max. fastline pull: 120 kN-275 kN
  • Max hook speed: 1.5 m/s
  • Wireline Ø: 22 mm-32 mm (7/8"-1 1/4″)
  • Main brake: Belt brake/hydraulic disc brake
  • Auxiliary brake: Eaton brake

Drilling Drawworks

  • Standard: API Spec 7K
  • Rated power: 350 hp-3,000 hp (257 kW-2210 kW)
  • Max. fastline pull: 180 kN-630 kN
  • Max hook speed: 1.2 m/s −1.7m/s
  • Wireline Ø: 22 mm-45 mm (7/8"-1 3/4″)
  • Main brake: Belt brake/hydraulic disc brake
  • Auxiliary brake: Dynamic brake, eddy current brake