Fast Moving Land Rigs

Powerful Fast Moving Land Rigs from China

Designed for extra fast relocation, Highdrilling fast moving desert rigs are moved as a complete unit, including mast and substructure. With the time to spud a new well reduced to about one day, our fast moving rigs save our customers a significant amount of money, especially in drilling pad operations.

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Main Specifications

Standards API 4F, API 7K, API 8C
Drill depths [4-1/2″ DP] 1,600 m-7,000 m (5,250 ft-23,000 ft)
Hook load 1,700 kN- 4,500 kN (382,175 lbs-1,011,640 lbs)
Drawworks power 750 hp-2,000 hp (550 kW- 1,470 kW)
Transmission types Electrical, mechanical, compound drive
Engine Caterpillar
Climate −35℃-50℃ (-31°F-122°F)

How Does a Fast-Moving Rig Work?

Highdrilling fast moving desert rigs are based on the same advanced technology as our standard skid-mounted drilling rigs.

What’s significant in this case is that the complete rig is mounted onto a special trailer that is pulled by a truck on relocation. This trailer-mounted land rig is moved fully assembled in a ‘drill ready’ mode, without the need of a rig down.

The unique design of the trailer is protected by several international patents. It allows moving speeds of 5 km/h under full load with a maximum slope of 10 degrees.

Constructed for robustness and stability, our desert rigs that are available for drill depths up to 7000 m, can be mounted and moved easily in open terrain.

Only 24 Hours from Relocation to Spud in

As Highdrilling fast moving desert rig stays fully assembled during relocation, moving to a new well site is extremely fast.

The time from relocation to spudding in a new well generally can be reduced to 24 hours, thus saving a significant amount of money in operation costs.

Especially in cluster well drilling, where relocation on a pad and pad-to-pad moves make up a large portion of the total drilling costs, operating our fast moving land rig pays off quickly.

Outstanding After Sales Service

We provide a comprehensive after sales service that enables our customers to start drilling immediately.
With every drilling rig we send technical staff to our customer to provide first hand technical support. The engineer who designed the rig is always part of the service crew.

On-site training instructions include:

  • Rig up
  • Rig down
  • Operation and maintenance of every single rig system
  • Training on the job