Heavy Duty Self-Propelled Workover Rigs from China

Based on the same advanced technology, Highdrilling workover rigs share many advantages with our truck-mounted drilling rigs. Showing a perfect cross-country performance they are ideally suited for operation in inaccessible areas. Engineered for fast rig up time, our workover rigs reduce service costs and non-productive time.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 4F, 7K, 8C
Service depth [2-7/8″ EUE tubing] 1,600 m-8,500 m (5,900 ft-27,900 ft)
Workover depth [2-7/8″ drill pipe] 2,000 m-9,000 m (6,560 ft-29,530 ft)
Drilling depth [4-1/2″ drill pipe] 3,600 m- 6,000 m (11,800 ft-19,690 ft)
Hook load 350 kN-2,250 kN (78,700 lbs-500,000 lbs)
Engine Caterpillar
Transmission Allison
Drawworks power 200 hp-990 hp (150 kW-735 kW)
Transmission types Mechanical, compound drive
Climate −35℃-50℃ (-31°F-122°F)

Highdrilling Workover Rigs: Part of a Large Family

Highdrilling self-propelled workover rigs (service rigs) are real workhorses, perfectly adapted to operate in even the roughest environments.

Their exceptional mobility, stability, and ease of operation are the outcome of our extensive experience in the design and production of mobile drilling rigs.

Belonging to the same family, Highdrilling service rigs comprise many of the technological advantages that result in smooth operation and make the life of our customers’ easier:

Service Rig Advantages

Wide selection: At our production facility in China we design and develop workover rigs for service depths ranging from 1,600 m to 8,500 m (5,250 ft-27,900 ft), and workover depths from 2,000 m to 9,000 m (6,600 ft-30,000 ft) for 2 7/8″ DP.

Quality assurance system: By strictly following API Q1 and ISO 9001 quality requirements, production is up to highest international standards.

Full API coverage: The different components of our well-servicing rigs are manufactured to the following API standards:

  • Steel structures, such as the mast: API Spec 4F
  • Hoisting equipment: API Spec 8A, 8C
  • Drawworks: API Spec 7K
  • Other components: Designed and constructed to their respective API standards

Highly maneuverable : Highdrilling mobile drilling rigs and self-propelled workover rigs possess excellent driving properties in desert, mountain and other impassable terrains.

Powerful CAT engines and a custom-made chassis that can equipped with single wheel full suspension enable well service operations in even the most remote areas.

Suited for corrosive environments: All steel parts are specially protected against corrosion through application of multiple layers of ship paint. The same coating process is used in marine shipbuilding.

Reduced NPT: The mast is erected hydraulically to reduce time for rig up and increase safety. Likewise, all rig components have been designed to allow for fast assembly and disassembly.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

We provide a sophisticated after sales service that allows our customers to start providing well services immediately.

With every service rig we send technical staff to our customer to provide first hand technical support. The engineer responsible for the rig design is always part of the service crew.

On-site training instructions include:

  • Rig up
  • Rig down
  • Operation and maintenance of every single rig system
  • Training on the job