Roller Reamers

Powerful API Roller Reamers

Roller reamers ream out dog legs, key seats, and ledges and keep the drill stem in the center of the hole. Machined from high grade steel and manufactured to API Spec 7-1, our roller reamers make drilling through difficult formations much easier.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 7-1
Borehole size 6 1/8″ — 36″
Steel grade AISI 4145H, NonMag
Cutters 3 types for soft, medium, and hard formations

Roller Reamers That Keep You On Track

Run between the bit and drill collars (near-bit), roller reamers, or rotary reamers, as they ar also called, ensure a constant size of the borehole, protect the tools above the reamer and help stabilizer the bit.

When run above the drill collar, the cutters on the roller reamers ream out dog legs, key seats, and ledges, help centralize the drill string in crooked hole areas and enlarge the borehole to the desired size.

This results in reduced levels of bit whirl and improved rate of penetration (ROP). The reduction of bit whirl and elimination of stick-slip prevent damage to bit and BHA components.

One Reamer For All Formations

We provide 3 different types of cutters for soft, medium, and hard formations. Cutters can be replaced easily on the drill floor without the need for special tools.