Powerful API Hole Openers

Hole openers allow the drilling of large bores even with a relatively low rig capacity, thus reducing drilling costs. By enlarging a pilot bore, they lower the torque on the drill string and assist in drilling a straighter hole. Manufactured from a single piece of full-length heat treated AISI 4145H steel, our hole opener withstands extreme force during drilling.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 7-1
Steel grade AISI 4145H, NonMag
Cutters 3 types for soft, medium, and hard formations
Opening sizes 12 1/4″ — 36″

A Hole Opener for Every Formation

Depending on its size, each of our hole openers is equipped with 3 or 4 cutters. Cutters are available as both milled tooth and Tungsten Carbide inserts (TCI) bits.

Milled tooth can be used for soft to medium formations while TC inserts are ideally suited for hard formations. Mud jets clean the cutters, increase reaming efficiency, and prevent balling problems.

Easy Maintainability

Due to its rigid design, the body of our hole opener almost needs zero maintenance. Cutters are changed quickly on the drill floor without the need for special tools.

Production strictly follows API Spec 7-1, thus further assuring quality.

Reduced Drilling Costs

Except for the cutters that are replaced easily, our hole opener does not have any wear parts, resulting in an extended service life and low maintenance costs.

The fact that hole openers allow the reaming of large holes with less powerful equipment makes it possible to significantly cut operation costs.