Strong API Drill Pipes

Drill pipes are one of the most critical parts of the drill string. Manufactured from Japanese or Chinese high-grade steel to API Spec 5DP, our drill pipes are among the most durable in the industry. For even more safety, every shipment of drill pipes is inspected by SGS.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 5DP, Fearnley Procter NS-1
Types Normal and heavy weight drill pipe
Diameters 2-3/8″ — 6-5/8″
Steel grades E75, X95, G105, S135, SS75, SS95, SS105
Connections API, AOH, DSHT, PAC
Upset types IU, EU, IEU
Length R2, R3
Hardbanding Arnco, Tuboscope, own proprietary

Quality Verified by SGS

Highdrilling drill pipes are inspected by SGS prior to shipment. Combined with the advanced production process this gives you the assurance you need when purchasing drill pipes.

Special Purpose Drill Pipes

In addition to API 5DP (PSL 1, 2, 3) drill pipes with extra long and smooth upset zones, we also provide heavy weight, sour-service, and NS-1 drill pipes.

Special purpose connections like AOH, DSHT, and PAC ensure that Highdrilling drill pipes can meet even the toughest drilling requirements.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Manufactured to API Spec 7-1, heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP) is made up between the drill pipes and drill collars to provide a transition zone that

  • Reduces stress between drill pipes and drill collars
  • Keeps drill pipes in tension
  • Provides weight on bit, especially in directional drilling

Our HWDP is available in slick or spiral form ranging from 2 7/8″ to 6 5/8″ in diameter. You can choose between an integral type made from AISI 4145HM steel and a welded type, which uses AISI 4145HM for the tool joint and AISI 1340 for the pipe body.

Sour Service Drill Pipe

Our sour service drill pipes are manufactured from special Japanese sour-service steels (SS75, SS95, and SS105).

Tested according to NACE TM-01-77, Method A, sour-service performance of the pipe body and tool joint is guaranteed to be at least 85% specified minimum yield strength (SMYS), with 80% SMYS for the welding line.

NS-1 Drill Pipe

The Fearnley Procter NS-1 standard was designed to meet the requirements of drilling in harsh environments like the North Sea. The main difference to API 5DP is a high impact value at low temperature, a longer upset zone, and stricter requirements for the welding zone, hardbanding, and inner coating.

Manufactured to this high standard, our NS-1 drill pipes are the first choice for tough drilling applications.

Special Purpose Connections

Highdrilling drill pipes are available with different connections to further facilitate your specific drilling operations.

Double Shoulder High Torque (DSHT)

DSHT is an internal/external double shoulder connection. Yield strength and tensile strength are considerable higher compared to a standard API tool joint, which results in a much longer service life and easier repair.

DSHT connections are fully interchangeable with API and NC connections.

Pacific Asia Connection (PAC)

PAC is a special connection for drill pipes with smaller OD, shorter thread teeth and a longer connection. PAC drill pipes significantly facilitate drilling, repair, and fishing operations in smaller well holes.

American Open Hole (AOH)

This connection is similar to the Pacific Asia Connection and widely used in America and Europe.