Drill Collars

Reliable API Drill Collars

Drill collars must sustain high torque and the mass of the drillstring at the bottom of the BHA. This is why all of our drill collars are made from Japanese or Chinese quality steel, processed and machined to API Spec 7-1.

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Main Specifications

Standards API Spec 7-1, Fearnley Procter NS-1
Types Slick, spiral
Diameters 2-7/8″ — 11″
Threads API connections, plus AOH, DSTH, PAC, and more
Steel grades AISI 4541HM, Non Mag DNM110
Hardbanding Arnco, Tuboscope, proprietary

Drill Collar Quality That Shows

Made from high quality Chinese or Japanese steel and manufactured to the latest version of API Spec 7-1, our drill collars are made for durability.

Full-length heat treatment and full-length non-destructive testing on each bar adds to this quality. Optional slip and elevator recesses processed to API RP7G increase handling efficiency and safety.

Strong Connections

All drill collar connections are phosphate-coated or copper-coated to avoid galling.
Stress release grooves as per API Spec 7 lower the risk of connection failure by reducing stress on the box. Cold rolling on thread roots reduces stress and fatigue on the connection even more.

Professional Hardbanding

We offer hardbanding of drill collars with Arnco 100XT, Arnco 300XT, Tuboscope TCS 8000 and our own proprietary coating for increased service life and excellent casing wear protection. We would be happy to assist you in finding the right hardbanding solution.

SGS Inspection Included

Our drill collars are inspected by SGS prior to shipment. You only pay when quality is up to standard.

All API Drill Collars Available

Besides standard slick drill collars, we also manufacture other API drill collars for use in your special drilling operations.

Spiral Drill Collars

Wall-sticking can be prevented by using spiral-grooved drill collars. Three grooves on the drill collar decrease the area of pipe in contact with the well walls but have little effect on the weight and strength of the pipe.

Non-Magnetic Drill Collars

Non-magnetic (Non-Mag) drill collars have become essential in directional drilling as they don’t interfere with BHA measurement equipment.
Made from stainless steel and tested for corrosion to ASTM A 262 practice E, our non-magnetic drill collars also withstand many corrosive environments.

Note: We also provide sour service drill collars and NS-1 drill collars. For more information, please feel free to contact us.