Liner Hanger Systems

Reliable Liner Hanger Systems

Highdrilling liner hanger systems let you safely deploy liners in straight, deviated or horizontal wellbores. Specifically designed for maximum reliablility and manufactured from one-piece of high-grade API 5CT steel, our liner hanger systems are suitable for even the most challenging well completions.

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Liner Hanger Systems That Just Work

Our wide selection of liner hanger systems enables us to provide a liner hanger solution for literally all well types and well completion operations.

A Highdrilling liner hanger system typically consists of the following components:

  • Top liner packer
  • Liner hanger
  • Liner hanger running tool assembly
  • Shoe track components

All Features Included

At the core of each liner hanger system is the liner hanger. Manufactured to highest quality standards, Highdrilling liner hangers display the following characteristics:

  • Machined from a one-piece, high grade API 5CT casing body for extra pressure strength.
  • Single cone (3 slips) and tandem cones (6 slips) design available. Tandem cones allow the deployment of very long liners.
  • Slips manufactured to 55-60 on the Rockwell «C» hardness scale to firmly grip onto the highest grade casing.
  • Intelligent slip alignment for unrestricted fluid by-pass
  • Pocket protected slips available to avoid damage of the casing wall when running the liner
  • Drillable or retrievable pack-up bushing. This saves time as the bushing does not need to be drilled out after cementing.

Liner hangers are typically classified by their setting mechanism. We manufacture both mechanically and hydraulically set liner hangers and thus are able to cover almost all fields of applications.

Mechanical Liner Hangers

  • Setting mechanism: While connected to the drill string, the hanger is mechanically set by right hand rotation and subsequent slack off of the drill pipe.
  • Benefits: Robust construction featuring a tried and tested setting mechanism.
    As the liner hanger is set mechanically, it can be used alongside other hydraulically triggered tools in the same liner string.
  • Limitations: Working down the liner to bottom might accidentally trigger the setting mechanism and is therefore not recommended.
    Setting a mechanical liner hanger in high angle or very deep wells can be difficult to accomplish.
  • Main applications: Straight and low-deviation wellbores up to about 30°. Depth of liner hanger should not exceed 10,000 ft (3,000 m).

Hydraulic Liner Hangers

  • Setting Mechanism: A setting ball is released from the surface into the drill pipe and lands on the landing collar. The resulting pressure up acts on the liner hanger’s hydraulic cylinder that activates the slips.
  • Benefits: Highdrilling hydraulic liner hangers can be rotated to bottom which makes them ideally suitable for use in deviated wells.
    The primary hydraulic release mechanism comes with a secondary mechanical release mechanism as backup for increased safety.
  • Main applications: High-deviation wellbores. Setting the hanger in very deep wells is no problem.

Hydraulic Rotating Liner Hangers

  • Distinctive feature: Compared to our standard hydraulic liner hangers, Highdrilling rotating liner hangers feature a bearing that allows the liner hanger body to be rotated after the slips have been set.
  • Benefit: Rotation of the liner pipe during cementation has been shown to enhance the cementing quality, especially in highly deviated wells and wells with small annular clearance.
  • Main applications: Wherever a high cementing quality is important, as is often the case in high angle and horizontal wells.

Special Liner Hanger System for Horizontal Wells

In highly deviated wells of more than 60° or horizontal wells, landing the setting ball on the landing collar can be problematic. In these situations we recommend using the Highdrilling Near Hanger Setting Assembly (NHSA) in combination with a float collar. The NHSA consists of the following components:

  • Ball seat sub: Located one joint below the liner hanger
  • Landing sub: Located below the setting ball sub
  • Baffle plate sub: Made up above the float collar

The near hanger setting assembly allows fast and efficient landing of the setting ball right below the liner hanger, and also isolates the pressure to the drill string and the liner hanger assembly.