Recertified TDS-11SA Top Drive

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Recertified TDS-11SA Top Drive

The unit comes equipped with a 7,500 psi wash pipe assembly. Rotary hose rating and method of connection to rotary hose will determine overall system pressure rating.

The TDS-11SA drilling unit features two forced air cooled 400HP AC drilling motors (800 HP total), a 10.5:1 double reduction, helical, quiet gear drive, hydraulic disc brakes, powered rotating head, bail, and counterbalance with stand jump.

TDS-11SA Output Characteristics

  • Torque (ft-lbf): 55,000, Torque (N-m): 74570, RPM: 0, Operation: Intermittent
  • Torque (ft-lbf): 37,500, Torque (N-m): 50842, RPM: 110, Operation: Continuous
  • Torque (ft-lbf): 18,250, Torque (N-m): 24743, RPM: 228, Operation: Continuous

The on-board pipe handler (model PH-75) is complete with 500 ton rated link adapter assembly (solid body elevator), remote operated, dual crank upper IBOP safety valve, manually operated lower IBOP safety valve (15,000 psi) (IBOPs sold separately), lower gripping jaw (torque back-up), and hydraulic link tilt assembly. The pipe handler will be dressed for operation with an NC50 tool joint. Other tool joints can be accommodated and required kits are to be quoted separately.

The PH-75 provides for mechanized break-out of the lower and upper IBOP valves, and heavy-duty rotating head motor for more consistent operation. The PH-75 will accommodate tool joints with up to 8-1/2 inch OD.

S-Pipe Package – RH Front, 5000 psi, 4” LPT

Package includes a 7500 psi capable s-pipe with 20 degree elbow (elbow not included). The provided connection for the rotary hose is a female, 4 inch APILPT. Pressure rating of the package, as assembled at the factory, is 5000 psi. the gooseneck is also rated at 7500 psi on this unit.

The rotary hose connection is on the right hand side of the TDS-11SA top drive (viewing TDS from the front) and positioned toward the front of the TDS.

The elbow has an upper connection to the s-pipe that is a fig fig 1002 union with the female half being on the s-pipe. The elbow can be removed to have a 4” female fig 1002 union pointing straight down for connection of the rotary hose to the TDS. A 20 degree elbow not included.

Carriage Package, 30”

Package includes a carriage (frame) with rollers for guiding the TDS-11SA top drive in the guide beam and for reacting torque from the TDS to the guide beam. Also included are the hardware to secure the carriage to the TDS and locking dogs to secure the TDS in the shipping skid. This package is for installation utilizing a 30 inch setback from well center to guide beam center. Normally this setback can be utilized when the flat face of the traveling block faces the guide beam.

Shipping Package, 30”

Shipping package includes lower section of guide beam integrated into a shipping skid, shipping support for PH-75 pipe handler and shipping / lifting bar for TDS bail. Shipping skid is suitable for tail boarding and includes lifting shackles.

PH-75 Pipe Handler Package

The PH-75 pipe handler package for the TDS-11SA provides for the functions of clamping onto the drill string to provide back-up for making and breaking of the drill string tool joints at the top drive, opening and closing of upper IBOP valve and hydraulic elevator link tilt.

Also included in the package are one upper IBOP valve, one lower IBOP valve and one saver sub for an NC50 tool joint complete with locking rings for the API 6-5/8” reg connections. The clamping mechanism can be positioned to provide back-up for removal and installation of the saver subs, lower IBOP valve and upper IBOP valve.

Driller’s Console Cable Assembly, UL – 200 ft.

Cable assembly comprised of twisted and shield pairs of conductors for communication between the TDS Driller’s Console and the TDS control house. Includes suitable connectors on each end of the cable assembly for connection to the driller’s console and control house. Overall length is 200 ft.

Driller’s Console, UL, Purgeable

Features operating switches, rpm & torque meters, indicator lights, throttle, etc. And housed in a purgeable stainless steel enclosure. Stand-jump control is standard. The drillers console offers two 4-20 mA signal outputs for torque and rpm that may be processed by external devices.

Derrick Termination Kit – Service Loops

Includes mounting brackets for supporting the power loop at mid derrick, allowing for quick disconnect. Also includes support saddle for composite control loop, plus mounting hardware.

Guide Beam Kit – 142 ft

The guide beam provides guided traveling of the top drive and torque reaction. Torque is transmitted to the derrick/mast structure via the lower tieback. The lower tieback is designed to interface with a horizontal spreader beam mounted at approximately 10 ft above the drill floor. The guide beam consists of several segments, allowing easy rig-up / rig-down. Configured for 142 ft mast/derrick.

Basic Tieback Kit

Kit includes tieback link and hardware to tie the lower end of the guide beam to a spreader beam (not included) or structural member of a mast or derrick for lateral and torsional support of the guide beam. Also included are a guide beam intermediate tieback and a guide beam hang off link tieback. Hang off link not included.

Cable Kit, Jumper, UL / VFD – 100 ft

Includes power and composite cables. Cables connect between control house and the derrick leg cables. Nominal length of each cable assembly is 100 ft.

Hydraulic Package, UL

Package includes the hydraulic pump with electric motor, misc. hydraulic components. Directional control valves, filters, manifolds and general hydraulic piping components. Electrical components comply with requirements of UL for use in a hazardous atmosphere.

Motor Housing Guard Package

Guard frame providing mechanical protection to components on the motor housing of the TDS-11SA top drive unit. Package includes hardware for attachment of guard to motor housing. This package is suitable for setbacks of 30 inches. If 39.5 inch setback is required, an alternate set of carriages will be required.

Kit, Service Loop, UL

Kit includes the power cables from the point of derrick termination to the TDS-11SA top drive, the auxiliary power cable from the top drive thru the derrick termination and an additional 110 feet, and the composite (multi-conductor control) cable from the top drive thru the derrick termination and an additional 110 feet.

All cables are provided with connectors on each end. Power cables are provided with 4 foot long leads at the derrick end and 3 foot long leads at the top drive end. All cables are provided with means of securing to the top drive and derrick termination points as well as ring assemblies to secure the cables together between the top drive and derrick termination points.

Derrick Leg Cable Kit, 777MCM – UL

Includes three power cables and one ground cable (with suitable connectors on both ends) to run from the derrick termination to the TDS-11SA control house. The kit is suitable for a cable run length of 155 feet from the derrick termination to the control house termination points. The cables are sheathed together as a single assembly for a length of 135 feet from the derrick termination suspension point.

Electrical Package, UL – RH – 575

Package includes all electrical components (cables, cable glands, connectors, junction boxes, electrical solenoid valves, switches, mounting hardware, etc.) mounted on the top drive motor housing assembly.

Service loop termination is on the right hand side of the top drive. Solenoid valves are operated with 24 drillers console power. Drive motor cooling blowers are powered by 575 VAC, 60 Hz, 4 HP, TEFC motors.

Control House Assembly NOV – 60 Hz Single 5T AC w/Heater

Walk-in steel enclosure with integrated SBC, variable frequency drive (VFD) and other control components. All system hardware and software is specifically designed to control the TDS-11SA top drive drilling motors and auxiliary systems. It is equipped with climate control (single 5 ton AC with heater), insulation, and quick disconnect couplings. For use in non-hazardous area. Incoming power requirement is 600 V nominal 3-phase at a frequency of 60 Hz supplied from a 1600 AF breaker.

Note: the auxiliary motors on the TDS-11SA, however, are rated at 60 Hz. Systems configured for different input frequencies by default also include a small conversion VFD for this purpose.

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