Sand Control Screens

Dependable Sand Control Screens

When it comes to sand control, you can count on our sand screens. Whether used in combination with a gravel pack, frack-pack, or stand-alone, Highdrilling well screens control sand production fast and efficiently.

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Efficient Sand Control

Well screens hold back sand from the gravel pack or formation, thus keeping a constant passage for production fluids.

Owing to our large selection of well screens and expertise in sand control, we can help you choose the ideal screen that maximizes sand retention while minimizing flow impairment.

Better priced than suppliers like Weatherford or Schlumberger, Highdrilling sand screens not only keep sand production under control but also considerably lower your expenses.

Wide Selection of Well Screens

We offer a wide selection of different sand control screens that cover most sand production problems.

Wire Wrapped Screens (WWS)

Due to their unique design, wire-wrapped screens have a 20 times higher flow area compared to slotted liners. Keystone-shaped stainless steel wire is wrapped around and welded to strong vertical wire ribs, forming a layer of precisely spaced openings that keep out fines without clogging the filter layer.

The advantages of this design at a glance:

  • Keystone shaped wire reduces risk of screen plugging/clogging
  • Self-cleaning
  • Greatly reduced flow friction
  • Wire welded on every rib: High collapse resistance and precisely controlled screen gauge

Commonly used in combination with gravel packing, our wire-wrapped screens are available in the following two types:

Pipe Based Wire-Wrapped Screens (WWS)

The wire wrapped screen is placed over a perforated base pipe and welded to it at either end. The base pipe can be any type of API casing or API tubing.

The main advantage of the combination with a base pipe is the much higher collapse resistance.

Highdrilling pipe base wire-wrapped screens are in the same category as the following screens:

  • Halliburton Wire-Wrapped Screens
  • Schlumberger Wire Wrapped Sand Screens
  • Johnson Screens Pipe Based Vee-Wire Screens
  • Weatherford Super-Weld

Rod Based Wire-Wrapped Screens

Also called wedge wire screen, rod based wire-wrapped screens do not have an additional base pipe. Wedge wire screens provide an even larger flow area, making it an ideal choice for shallow well completion that don’t require extra collapse resistance.

Highdrilling wedge wire screen is comparable to Johnson Screens Rod Based Vee-Wire Screens

Prepacked Screens

Our prepacked screens feature and integrated gravel pack, safely enclosed between two wedge wire filter screens. Ideally suited for directional or horizontal well completions were gravel packing might not be feasible.

Prepacked screens with built-in sand control offer a few major advantages over traditional sand screens:

  • Fast installation without external gravel pack, saving costs and rig time
  • Stable sand control (no incomplete packing)
  • Precise and uniform sand control due to custom packing of the screens

Highdrilling prepacked screens are in the same category as the following screens:

  • Halliburton Prepacked Screens
  • Schlumberger PackRite Prepacked Screens
  • Baker Hughes SLIMPAK Screen

Metal Mesh Screens

Used as a second layer in gravel pack completions or as a standalone solution, Highdrilling metal mesh screens are an excellent choice for extended reach completions.

Consisting of a base pipe, a drainage layer, several mesh filter layers and a protective slotted jacket, our metal mesh screens provide successive stages of fines retention without impairing flow. This design makes our metal mesh screens ideally suited for formations with poorly sorted sands.

Additional advantages of Highdrilling metal mesh screen at a glance:

  • Custom-designed screen layers based on a well’s unique pay zone
  • Even flow of production fluid across the whole screen
  • Precise control of pore sizes
  • Larger flow area compared to prepacked screens
  • Excellent plugging resistance and backwash capability

Highdrilling metal mesh screens are in the same category as the following screens:

  • Schlumberger Premium Mesh Sand Screens
  • Halliburton PoroMax Screens
  • Weatherford Excelflo and Maxflo Screens

Bridge Slotted Screen

Made from a punched stainless steel sheet welded into a tube, bridge slotted screens are an economical alternative to other types of screens.

Commonly used in combination with a gravel pack, our bridge slotted screens provide several advantages:

  • Several times higher flow rate compared to slotted liners
  • Staggered slot layout for higher stability
  • Slots width are customizable for most efficient sand control
  • Unique slot design that greatly reduces clogging